L. Scott Brooksby, DDS, CFII,ATP,A&P, MEI

2022 Taylor Cutoff Rd

Sequim, WA 98382


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Private Pilot Ground School

Sequim Advanced Dental Office

680 West Washington #E102 (Next to Subway)

Sequim, WA 98382

Tuesday and Thursday from 5-7 p.m. Starting November 8, 2016

Cost $300 includes King Schools Private Pilot online course

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Many people are concerned with the cost of flight instruction. We have financing available through PILOT FINANCE that allows you to learn to fly for about $150-250/month. It is a proven fact that the more often you fly the faster you learn and get your license. The average person that flies 2-3 times a week will normally earn their rating in about 40-45 hours. If they fly once a week they normally need about 55-60 hours for their private pilot rating. If they fly once a month it can go over 100 hours because you have to keep relearning everything. Obviously you save a lot of money, well more than the finance charges if you don't have to worry about the money. The average person can finance for about $250 per month for 48 months. We suggest that you apply for $10,000. You will probably not use that entire amount, but can use the left over for additional flying.

When you sign up with PILOT FINANCE simply indicate that your flight school is BRFLYERS.