L. Scott Brooksby, DDS, CFII,ATP,A&P, MEI

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Private Pilot Ground School

Sequim Advanced Dental Office

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Tuesday and Thursday from 5-7 p.m. Starting November 8, 2016

Cost $300 includes King Schools Private Pilot online course

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Executive Leadership Training.

The most critical factor in learning is how well you and your instructor communicate. Find the instructor that fits you.

The Executive Leadership training program utilizes flight instruction as the vehicle for leadership training. This type of program is utilized in several parts of the country.

One of the most notable of these programs uses this model to train women who are trying to break through the glass ceiling. They have found that through flight training people are able to learn to solve unique challenges. They learn to think multidimensionally and as they solo and then achieve their private pilot's license, the boost in self esteem and self confidence is amazing.

Our training program will teach you the following:

* Problem Solving

* How to look ahead

* Planning for success

* Dealing with learning and performance plateaus

* Communicating with others

* How to use all of your resources

* Learn to deal with authority, yours and others

* Learn to keep your cool when the ride gets bumpy

* Show others that you are in command

* Boost your self esteem

* Learn to Soar with the Eagles

Dr. Scott Brooksby has worked with the Boy Scouts of America for over twenty years teaching leadership skills to young men. He has helped numerous young men plan and execute Eagle projects and show that they are leaders.

In 1982, Scott Brooksby, utilized the skills he had learned in Scouting, flight training and school to manage Clinica Sierra Vista, a Public Health Service Dental Clinic serving migrant farm workers. He was able, with in the first year of his leadership to make the project self sustaining and profitable for the first time in its history.

Using Flight Training as the vehicle for leadership training you will learn the concepts and principles necessary to be a great leader.

The cost of this program is $9500 and includes at least 55 hours of flight time and 60 hours of total instruction.  

We also have a Light Training Program for $7500 that includes about 40 hours of flight time in a Light Sport Aircraft and 40 hours of Instruction.

Some employers reimburse for advanced leadership training. Ask yours today.

Check with your tax professional, but this usually qualifies for job improvement deductions.

We offer a discovery flight so you can see if we teach the way you learn for $120. Call 274-6700 now to schedule your Discover Flight.