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Private Pilot Ground School

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Tuesday and Thursday from 5-7 p.m. Starting November 8, 2016

Cost $300 includes King Schools Private Pilot online course

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The communication between a student and his instructor is the most important factor in learning to fly. If you understand what the instructor is telling you then stick with that instructor. If after a lesson you think "I didn't understand a thing he said" then you should find another instructor. Scott Brooksby, DDS, CFII, ATP


Many flight schools purchase commercial insurance for their airplanes that protect them in case someone crashes their aircraft. The problem is that the insurance companies reserve the right to come after the pilot for the monies they had to pay out. This means that in the long run you may get the short end of the stick.

We highly recommend that all students and pilots carry their own renters insurance policy in the amount of $80,000 for the hull damage to the aircraft. If you have a problem during a flight the insurance company pays for the damage, usually without even charging a deductible.

The average policy costs about $900 per year and is some of the best money you will ever spend.

The two insurance companies providing renters insurance are the AOPA Insurance agency and the Avemco Insurance agency.