L. Scott Brooksby, DDS, CFII,ATP,A&P, MEI

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Private Pilot Ground School

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680 West Washington #E102 (Next to Subway)

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Tuesday and Thursday from 5-7 p.m. Starting November 8, 2016

Cost $300 includes King Schools Private Pilot online course

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The communication between a student and his instructor is the most important factor in learning to fly. If you understand what the instructor is telling you then stick with that instructor. If after a lesson you think "I didn't understand a thing he said" then you should find another instructor. Scott Brooksby, DDS, CFII, ATP



Multi Engine Instruction and your ATP

There is more to flying a high performance twin engine airplane than is taught in the normal Multiengine course. Dr. Brooksby has flown over 1000 hours in Multiengine aircraft. This has included a substantial amount of instrument time. As pilots progress into the area of multiengine flying, the ability to better understand the complexities associated with this type of flying becomes apparent. As you fly you will not only hone your multiengine flying skills but your IFR flying skills as well.




Our Cessna 310R

Cessna 310 R with Garmin 430W


Dr. Brooksby has two programs for multiengine time building and Instruction.

* Standard time building in a Cessna 310R with a Garmin 430W, HSI, autopilot, etc. The rate for this is $370 per hour wet including the instructor.

* Convenience time building- If Dr. Brooksby is flying somewhere on personal business, you can fly with him for just the cost of gas. The Cessna 310R burns about 30 gals of 100LL per hour so at $6 per gal it is about $180 per hour.

Flights may be for just the day or maybe for the weekend. Pilots will often bring a friend and enjoy the area when not flying. It is important that if we will be practicing emergency procedures that your friend be comfortable with that type of flying. If family and friends are along we usually will not practice emergency procedures.


We also use the 310 for Multi-engine commercial and instructor ratings as well as ATP training and check rides.

Generally this will require at least 15 hours of instruction unless you are already proficient with the 310. If we are doing training, you will be required to carry $125,000 hull value multiengine renters insurance. Right now the only company that we have found that provides this is AVEMCO. The approximate cost is $1400-1600 per year.

Cessna 310R Weight and Balance

To download the POH for the Cessna 310R and other downloads click here